The Little Village Foundation

The Foundation brings music from next door to the world.

The Little Village Foundation is a nonprofit cultural producer and record label that searches out, discovers, records and produces music that otherwise would not be heard beyond the artist’s family and community. Little Village supports the dreams of artists from non-traditional backgrounds. Many of these artists gave up performing careers long ago or make music just as a part of telling their community stories.

Strawberry pickers in California who hail from a village in Mexico where the clouds touch the earth. A lightning-fast roadhouse guitarist who exemplifies Oakland biker mayhem. An old hand with horses who sings cowboy songs with true depth. A hard-working retired machinist with a gritty blues voice full of the stories of living. Their lives and their music may be very different but they have one thing in common — their incredible music is rooted in fascinating cultural stories and has yet to be discovered.

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