The Invisible Institute

The Invisible Institute is a journalistic production company on the South Side of Chicago dedicated to enhancing the capacity of citizens to hold public institutions accountable. Among the tools it employs are human rights documentation, investigative reporting, strategic litigation, curating of public information, and facilitation of public conversations.

The Invisible Institute team currently focuses on issues of police abuse and impunity. It engages those issues on multiple fronts. Having prevailed in a landmark legal decision establishing that in Illinois police misconduct files are public information, it created the Citizens Police Data Project. Its Youth/Police Project brings the voices of black teenagers into the discourse about police reform. And its investigative reporting has prompted official investigations of police misconduct.

Neither a conventional newsroom nor a media outlet, the Invisible Institute is evolving a new model for producing impactful journalism.


We seek to keep fellow citizens visible by resisting the forces that disappear certain individuals, populations and places.

The Invisible Institute
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